1. What are the YouTube plans?

1.1 YouTube Premium Plan 3

YouTube Premium has three plans. It consists of a personal plan, a family plan, and a student discount plan for students. First of all, in USA you will need to pay $11.99/month subscription after 1 months of free use.

Second, family plans require $17.99/month subscription after one month of free use. It costs more than a personal plan, but you can invite 5 members to use it together. However, this is only possible if the account holder is 13 years of age or older.

Third, student plans are only available when the educational institution and student ID certification are completed. Likewise, you will have to pay $6.99/month after the first month of free use.

1.1.1 Why youtube premium family plans should be used?

This is because you can save money. Pay a low monthly fee with your family or friends. Of course, there is only one family group manager, so It will be withdrawn from the manager’s account.

1.1.2 Why YouTube Premiums Are Worth It?

Is it worth subscribing to YouTube Premium for money? Yes, it can be used for work and daily life through functions such as removing advertisements and downloading YouTube videos. There may also be various reasons depending on the user.

🔎 Learning Purpose: People who are learning from basic learning to university majors as well as various fields through YouTube.

🔎 Hobbies: You can learn information and share opinions by watching YouTube of people who share the same hobby. Subscribe to people with similar interests such as exercise, cooking, and travel.

🔎 Marketing: Promoting YouTube is a must for businesses. You can benchmark Competitors or influencers how they market.

🔎 Music: YouTube Premium allows you to use YouTube music without advertising. You can find and listen to a variety of music, from Billboard charts to K-POP. You can make your own list.

🔎 Parenting: For parents raising infants, you can spend time with your children through the YouTube Kids Channel. You can subscribe with confidence because you can only see the safe content for your children. Many parents use the education because it is highly utilized.

2. If you can’t join your YouTube family

Sometimes you can’t join a YouTube family. There are many causes, but the following is the main cause.

2.1 If you are already in a family group

Google accounts that are already subscribed to family groups can be subscribed after withdrawal. If you don’t want to leave, you have to sign up using a different Google account.

2.2 You are in a different country than the administrator

The above case occurs when the Google account is not created in your country for a variety of reasons. Or it can happen if the payment profile associated with the Google account is in a different country. Go into Google Account Management and if your payment profile is not in your country, delete it.

3. Leave family group

Can I leave the YouTube Premium Family Group? Yes, you can opt out at any time. There are two ways to withdraw.

🔎 Ask an administrator to leave: If you ask an administrator to leave, the administrator can remove the account from the family group.

🔎 Leave yourself: You can go into Google Account Management and leave the family group directly.
If you changed from YouTube Premium Logo to YouTube after you left, you left successfully.

3.1 Re-join after leaving the YouTube family group

You can rejoin another family group after you leave the YouTube family group. However, it is only possible once a year. Also, there are no restrictions on rejoining the same family group.

4. conclusion

Please refer to the YouTube family plan and subscription and withdrawal information for a reasonable price. There are occasional discounts for carriers or credit cards, so if you look for information carefully, there is a cheap way to use it. Please refer to other posts for related information.

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