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Customer Questions

1. What is Yt-family product?

It is a product that converts Youtube account into a premium through an invitation to Google Family Group Link.

Our product is a 1-year subscription service, and you need only $1.99 per month. Or you can select just $19.99 per year!

The most important thing is you can free trial for a month!(subscription product)

Do you have another Google accounts? If you leave a review after purchasing the product, we will give you additional coupons that can be applied to other accounts! Use YouTube Premium for other accounts at a much lower price.

If you only know the coupon number, please let your family, friends and colleagues know. If the coupon number matches, other people can use it.

  • Direct shop link each country

  1. USA shop link : https://yt-family.com/product/usa-youtube-family-link/

  2. CANADA shop link : https://yt-family.com/product/can-youtube-family-link/

  3. ISRAEL shop link : https://yt-family.com/product/isr-youtube-family-link/

  4. UK shop link : https://yt-family.com/product/gbr-youtube-family-link/

  5. Austraila shop link : https://yt-family.com/product/aus-youtube-family-link/

  6. Japan shop link : https://yt-family.com/product/jpn-youtube-family-link/

2. How to use?

Easy! At first click subscription button in the shop → click view cart → write billing details and click place order → check your product link → copy & paste URL and accecpt invitation!

If you need help, please watch our guide video. 

Guide video 1 link : https://yt-family.com/youtube-premium-family/

3. How to pay?

You can use it for a year at a cost of $1.99 each month. When the period expires, your Google Family Group Service is deactivated automatically.

4. How do i extend it?

After 1-year, your premium service will be automatically cancelled, so you have to buy a new product.

5. If the cost goes up during use, do i pay extra?

Don’t worry. there is no additional cost burden.

6. What if there is a problem while using it?

If you contact us via email or chat, we’ll solve your problem quickly.

contact page link : https://yt-family.com/contact-us/

7. Can i use Youtube Music?

Yes. Youtube music is also no ads. Background play & offline download.

At first, you can see the Argentina music recommendation. Don’t worry. If you search for your favorite music and listen to it, the algorithm will automatically be applied to suit your music taste.

8. When you're already a member of a family group.

There is already a family group in use. After you leave the family group, you must sign in through the link you purchased. Or use another google account.

If you need help, please watch our guide video.

Guide video 2 link : https://yt-family.com/leave-family-group-youtube/

9. When family group invitation has already expired.

It is recommended to use it immediately after purchase. The validity period of the invitation is short within 3 days. 

Or you may have already used it. If you have a problem, please contact us by e-mail with the link you received and we will check and solve the problem quickly.

contact page link : https://yt-family.com/contact-us/