Create a new account for Youtube – Please refer to the video and the guide below.

This video is a video that applies a YouTube premium link after purchasing a product. You can watch it before or after purchasing and use the YouTube premium.

If you changed the family group in a 12-month, you cannot join the family group with your account.

In case, please create a new google account.

after create a new account, join the family group again. if you need help join family group watch our guide video 1.

Well Done – Create a new account for Youtube, Finish!

Why we sell youtube premium link ?

YouTube currently operates YouTube Premium Family Plan subscription services only in certain countries. It is a subscription service in which one administrator who subscribed to the family plan service invites five people to use YouTube premium services and YouTube music.

Many people look for YouTube advertisements to remove them because there are many people who feel uncomfortable with advertisements that appear when watching YouTube. However, it is not easy to remove advertisements from all electronic devices such as desktops, laptops, cell phones, and iPads. Therefore, if you can use the YouTube premium at an affordable price, it is most reasonable to use yt-family’s service.

This is a good way to use with family, friends, and colleagues. However, there is a limitation that only certain countries can use these services.

For countries without YouTube premium family plans and countries that have to pay ridiculously high subscriptions, we sell links to YouTube premium family plans as products.

Most countries have a YouTube premium family plan of $17.99, but yt-family has made it available for a year with a single payment of $19.99. You can save more than $200, which is at least 80% off.

Watch YouTube in various fields, including beauty, kids, vehicle, cutting-edge tech, sports, and games, without advertising at exceptional prices. YouTube music is also free to use, so feel free to watch your favorite artist’s songs and music videos. in order to respond quickly to inquiries, we operate a dedicated email for customer inquiries. please feel free to contact this E-mail :

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